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POSTPONED Franklin in Focus Presents: The future of farming and community gardens in Franklin

 A generation ago, Franklin was home to many dairy farms and local sources of fruits and vegetables. It was also famous for it local chickens and once even had its own cranberry bog! Those days are gone but not forgotten. Today, the town has a new Agricultural Comission and a renewed interest in farming and community gardens. We will have a discussion about efforts to support and enhance local agriculture. We are encouraging home gardeners, shoppers with an interest in buying local, and anyone with an interest in keeping more of Franklin "green" to join us for a lively and informative session at the library from 1 to 3 on DATE TBD


"Where's the Green"   wiill look at prospects for open space, agriculture, and recreational space in Franklin.


On Saturday, March 17 from 10-noon at the Franklin Senior Center  we are inviting all interested people to gather for a look at the past, present, and future of Franklin’s open space with an eye to preserving town character, enhancing recreation and conservation, and encouraging agricultural activities.

We are inviting representatives from the Town Conservation Commission and Planning Board, Metacomet Land Trust, Charles River Meadowlands Initiative, Franklin State Forest,  Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail, Agricultural Commission, and Community Garden and other to join us!Franklin in Focus presents  "Where’s the Green? "NEW  LOCATION!

Watch this space for more coming events!